Recent exhibitions

~ 2018 : 'Fragile' Solo artist's books exhibition 19 April - 30 June 2017 at Bower Ashton Library, UWE Bristol BS3 2JT (part of Re-Take/Re-Inventorganised by Fine Art, Bangor University in collaboration with the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff and exhibited at Royal Cambrian Academy, Conwy; Oriel Ynys Mon, Llangefni and Storiel, Bangor in 2016)

~ 2018 : 'It's very quiet here' Solo exhibition of paintings and artist's books 3 February - 14 April 2018 at STORIEL, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1DT

~ 2018 : 'Padua Fragments' Solo exhibition of paintings, collages and artist's books 2 March - 13 April 2018 at GALERI, Doc Victoria, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 1SQ

~ 2018 : 'By Invitation' Group exhibition 15 September - 20 October, 2018 at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

~ 2019 : Artist's BookMarket, 9 & 10 February at The Fruitmarket Gallery, 45 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1DF & BABE Bristol Artist's Book Event, 30 & 31 March at Arnolfini Gallery, 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA

~ 2019 : Elected member of Royal Cambrian Academy. Annual Summer Exhibition 20 July - 7 September and Winter Show 23 November - 21 December at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

~ 2019-20 : 'Hafod Artists' : Noëlle Griffiths and Linda Davies 19 July 2019 - 7 February 2020 at The Stables, Snowdonia National Park Centre, Plas Tan y Bwlch, Maentwrog, Gwynedd LL41 3YU

~ 2020 : New Members Exhibition 15 February – 14 March at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

~ 2021 : Annual Summer Exhibition 17 July - 28 August and Winter Exhibition 27 November - 23 December at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

~ 2022 : BABE Bristol Artist's Book Event 23 & 24 April at Bower Ashton Campus, Bristol BS3 2JT

~ 2022 : Paper After All Group Exhibition 28 May - 9 July at Royal Cambrian Academy; 5 November - 17 December at PAPER, Manchester; 5 - 20 November at Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester

~ 2022 : Celebrating Fine Art at Bangor University Group Exhibition 9 July - 1 October at STORIEL, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1DT

~ 2022 : Winter Show 26 November - 23 December at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

~ 2023 : PAGES : Reset, Contemporary Artists Book Fair 17 & 18 March at Parkinson Court, University of Leeds LS2 9JT

~ 2023 : ISLA NAVARINO Folio by Noëlle Griffiths and Kim Atkinson 15 May - 5 June as part of the Inauguration of Cape Horn International Center for Global Change Studies and Biocultural Conservation (CHIC), Puerto Williams, Navarino Island, Chile

~ 2023 : Selected Works on Paper 3 June - 8 July at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

~ 2023 : LANDMARKS : Group exhibition 9 September - end 2023 at Cyfoes Croesor Contemporary, Croesor LL48 6SS

~ 2023 : MOSS GARDEN : Noëlle Griffiths and Kim Atkinson 16 September - 4 November at MOMA Machynlleth, Hoel Pen'rallt, SY20 8AJ

~ 2023 : Long Rivers of Dream : Solo exhibition 28 October - 18 November at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

~ 2024 : Agored 2024 Transformation : Group exhibition 9 March - 5 May at Plas Brondanw, Llanfrothen LL48 6SW

~ 2024 : Kyffin Williams Drawing Prize 2024 : Group exhibition 23 March - 7 July at Oriel Mon, Llangefni, Anglesey LL77 7TQ

~ 2024 : The RCA at Chester Cathedral : Group exhibition 23 April - 15 May at Chester Cathdral, Chester CH1 2DY

~ 2024 : MOSS GARDEN : Noëlle Griffiths and Kim Atkinson 29 June - 21 September at STORIEL, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1DT

~ 2024 : Annual Summer Exhibition 13 July - 7 September at Royal Cambrian Academy, Crown Lane, Conwy LL32 8AN

See Noelle's paintings and artist's books on instagram


2023 & 2024 Hafod Art Studio : artists in residence between March - July. In collaboration with Oriel Brondanw and Oriel Croesor. See instagram

2023 Cowboys and Indians artists books : collaboration with book artist Andrew Morrison. We made three versions of bound books : Wilderness, Home and Fence - original text digitally printed with cut-out 1960s Cornflake Packets. Following this collaboration I made two concertina books : 1960s Mum and Isla Navarino Dreaming. See images on instagram

2023 ISLA NAVARINO Folio : Artists in Residence (with Kim Atkinson) at the Cape Horn International Centre for Global Change Studies and Biocultural Conservation (CHIC), Southern Chile 6 January - 6 February. With support from Wales Arts International. See images on instagram

2022-23 Long Rivers of Dream paintings. I have returned to a title of a painting I made in 1992 when I was pregnant with my first son: Long Rivers of Dream, Long Rivers of Oil. Dreaming of past, present and what will come. See images on instagram

2021 - 2022 PERFECTION paintings and unique artist's books in response to nature. Painting the beautiful grasses and plants and thinking about how everything touches and connects. See Gallery and images on instagram

2021 - 2023 In collaboration with Kim Atkinson Hafod Garden - Snowdonia Rainforest. We are painting in the woodland at Hafod, making microscope paintings of moss, lichen, liverworts and plants collected in each season. This project will record the changes to the woodland as cows graze and birch and sallow are cleared. See Woodland Pasture - conifers to cows on YouTube.

2020 SLEEP artist’s books and paintings (watercolour, gouache, acrylic) on watercolour and Japanese paper in response to the eight hour work SLEEP by Max Richter (piano, organ, synthesisers, electronics, violin, viola, cello, soprano). Selected paintings have been bound as one-off artist's books with archival digital text which muses on what happens to us in our dream state, absorbing and processing. See Gallery and images on instagram

2019 Intimate Land - thirty years on a digital version of a book I made in 1988 as a response to the conifers planted in 1965 covering the intimate landscape of pasture and oak woodland. Now thirty years after clearing the conifers and planting broadleaf trees at Hafod we embark on the next stage of returning the land back to a beautiful and diverse landscape. See Woodland Pasture - conifers to cows on YouTube.

2019 Moss Garden- Snowdonia Rainforest series of mixed media paintings on canvas, watercolour paper and card using microscope paintings of moss and liverworts as a starting point. See Gallery and images on instagram

2019 - 2020  In collaboration with Kim Atkinson Moss Garden - Snowdonia Rainforest - edition of five unique folios of paintings, relief prints and digital text (English and Welsh) of eight common mosses and liverworts found in Ceunant Llennyrch, a deciduous woodland near Maentwrog in Snowdonia. Paintings and prints made in response to place, sound and habitat in each season, alongside microscope paintings of each bryophyte at high and low magnification. This woodland forms part of the recently designated Celtic Rainforest, an EU and Welsh Government funded project supported by the Snowdonia National Park, Woodland Trust and RSPB Cymru.  See images on instagram

2018 - 2019 Sacred Boulder watercolour paintings and artist's books (an edition of nine digital books and four unique books) inspired by the standing boulders in SW Spain and North Wales which connect us all, deep below.  See Gallery

SEASONS 2008 - ongoing - Painting, drawing and writing in each season on the coastal headland near Aberdaron and mountain woodland of Snowdonia. These intense times of looking, listening and being in the landscape are the starting point for series of paintings and related artist’s books.

SEASONS Winter Solstice 2011 to Autumn Equinox 2012 : 'Dawn to Dusk' artist's books by Noelle Griffiths Hafod Press 2012

On each of the Solstices and Equinoxes and on Midsummer’s Day, Noelle recorded in words, drawings and photographs the sounds she heard hourly from dawn to dusk. Noelle witnessed the weather and bird sounds of the Solstices and Equinoxes from outside her studio in the mountain woodland of Snowdonia. Midsummer's Day was spent on the coastal headland near Aberdaron.

The sound drawings were bound in five unique artist’s books ‘Dawn to Dusk’. Each book contains a record of the day as it unfolded from dawn to dusk in photographs, sound drawings and words. As well as the five unique books, Noelle made a limited edition of concertina books of digital photographs and text for Midsummer's Day. All books are bound in linen and board covers with a letterpress title.

Winter Solstice 2011,  Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox 2012 - Hafod studio, near Maentwrog, Snowdonia
Dawn to Dusk is a series of five one-off artist's books; bound books with boards covered in pale umber fabric with letterpress title; mixed media paintings, digital photographs and text printed with archival ink on 175gsm Somerset book paper; 18 x 52cm closed; signed one-off books; 2012 Dawn to Dusk Solstices and Equinoxes, Hafod studio : books to be sold as a set of four one-off books £2000 set
Dawn to Dusk Midsummer's Day - coastal headland : single one-off book SOLD

Midsummer's Day 2012 - Coastal headland, near Aberdaron, Penllyn
Dawn to Dusk concertina book with boards covered in pale umber fabric with letterpress title; digital photographs and text printed with archival ink on 175gsm Somerset book paper; 18 x 24cm closed, 18 x 450cm open; signed limited edition of five copies. 2012 £145

SEASONS Winter 2008 - Autumn 2010 : 'Bird Song' artists' book by Noelle Griffiths and Kim Atkinson Hafod Press 2010

Noelle Griffiths and Kim Atkinson collaborated for 18 months making a large format artists' book. Each season, each artist made half hour sound drawings/paintings (24x100cm) in the landscape at two places near where they each live: Snowdonia woodland at Hafod near Maentwrog and Parwyd, coastal headland near Aberdaron. After making the season's drawings Noelle and Kim created an edition of ten prints combining aspects of each of their drawings. These two very different locations provided very different landscapes, habitat and birds.

'Bird Song' is a large long book, 25.5x104cm closed, and is printed in an edition of ten copies. Each book is unique, containing eight relief and mono prints using oil based ink with mixed media drawing. Text is printed digitally using archival ink; it is distilled from notes on sound, weather, colour written in situ at the time of drawing and is both informative and evocative.


This collaboration has brought together Kim's knowledge and love of birds, and Noelle's experience and passion for making artist's books.

Bird Song
Bound book, in the Japanese style, with boards covered in dark green fabric; relief and mono print using oil based ink with mixed media on 285gsm Fabriano Rosaspina paper, relief print using oil based ink and archival ink digital text on 33gsm Arakaji natural Japanese paper, archival ink digital text on 280gsm BFK Rives grey paper and a glossary of bird drawings with names and calls printed digitally using archival ink on 175gsm Somerset book paper; 25.5 x 104cm closed; signed limited edition of ten unique copies; 2010 £750

8 relief and mono prints on Fabriano Rosaspina paper
8 relief prints with digital text on Arakaji Japanese paper
4 seasons digital text on BFK Rives grey paper
2 glossary of birds, with drawings and names in English, Welsh and Latin on Somerset book paper
1 title page on Somerset book paper
1 copyright page on Somerset book paper

View Bird Song 2009-2010 related paintings

Watch two short films of Noelle and Kim talking about making 'Bird Song' Winter and 'Bird Song' Winter 2

Request to see Bird Song at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth