Paintings and artist's books by Noëlle Griffiths

Noelle Griffiths studied Fine Art at St Martin's School of Art, London during 1978-82.  She left London to live in North Wales to paint professionally in 1985, and has taught art part-time since 1987.  Noëlle has received various awards, residencies and travel scholarships, including to Mexico 1996, India 2003 and Galicia, Spain 2006. 

As well as painting, Noëlle has made one-off artist's books since 1988, and editioned books since 2003 when she started Hafod Press.  Hafod Press books are collected and archived by The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth and in collections including the British Library, V&A Museum, Tate, MMU Manchester, Leeds University, University of Creative Arts etc. View Noelle's books

She started the website in 2005 and co-organised the UK touring exhibition 'For the Love of Making Books' 2007-09.  
Noëlle has exhibited regularly in group and solo exhibitions since 1983.  CV for more information

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 "In my paintings I attempt to capture the essence and distillation of an experience or concept  - often about being close to nature. Increasingly I find myself exploring a non-figurative visual language through paint. I use thin layers of acrylic or oil to stain canvas or paper experimenting with  composition alongside the subtle shifts and relationships of colour, tone and surface. I am searching for a quality, an atmosphere, a point of ‘rightness’. I want my paintings to contain a calm simplicity as well as beauty.

Since the winter of 2008-9 I have been sketching, writing and making paintings in each season on the headland near Aberdaron overlooking Ynys Enlli and in the mountain woodland of Snowdonia.  These intense times of looking, listening and being in the landscape are the starting point for series of paintings and related artist’s books.

I have been making one-off artist’s books since 1996, and started Hafod Press in 2003 making limited editions of digitally printed books alongside hand painted books. Digital printing has enabled me to use photographic or scanned images and text, which has extended the ways I can communicate ideas visually.This has freed my painting to become less image based."