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Barragan Tree 2015 - 2016

barragan strip 1


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barragan strip 2

Noelle Griffiths made the 'Barragan Tree' series of paintings and 'Fragile' artist's books for the Re-Take/Re-Invent Project organised by Fine Art, Bangor University in collaboration with the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

"I used as my starting point the painting Ligeia by John Hoyland (1934-2011) and the 1979 BBC Arena film Six Days in September. The Arena film explores the creative process of making a painting. John Hoyland talks in a direct and honest way, making observations that resonate with artists who work in the isolation of their studio.

I made a series of paintings and recorded my creative process for each painting. Whilst painting I recorded my thoughts, observations and feelings alongside sketches of work in progress. Each day I painted a record of each colour I mixed and applied to the painting. Using these pages of colour swipes alongside text I made an artist’s book for each painting.

Each book records the making of a painting and the creative process involved. I have called each book FRAGILE from the quote "...it's so fragile an activity making a painting, trying to bring a painting into this world..." transcribed quote from the film Six Days in September (copyright John Hoyland Estate)"

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